league Rules

SBL Rules

game basics:

  1. Game Time: 4 x 10 minute quarters, 3 minute over-time.

  2. Breaks: 1 minute quarter break & 3 minute half-time.

  3. Substitutions: Must report to the scorer’s table and be ushered in by the referees before entering the game. Anyone failing to do so will be given a warning. Subsequent offences will be issued a technical foul.

  4. Timeouts: Each team will receive 3 per game plus one 1 in overtime. Timeouts do not carryover in overtime.

  5. Bonus: 2 shots starting on the 5th team foul in each quarter.

  6. Free Throws: Max 5 players in designated lane spaces -3 defensive / 2 offensive players.

  7. Minimum of 4 registered players to start the game. 3 or less will result in a forfeit.

End of Game Situations:

  1. If the score is within 10 points, the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter will be stopped time.

  2. In the case of a tie, there will be a 3 minute overtime with stop time.

Player Dress Code:

  1. All players must wear a Strathcona Basketball Jersey with their unique number on the back.

  2. Wearing jewellery is prohibited while playing (earrings, hair clips, bracelets, etc.)

Personal Fouls:

  1. A player who commits 5 personal fouls, is disqualified for the remainder of the game.

  2. Technical foul:  Opposing team gets 1 foul shot + possession of the ball in the front court.

  3. Unsportsmanlike foul: must immediately sit out 5 consecutive minutes. A 2nd unsportsmanlike technical in the same game results in an automatic ejection.

The league reserves the right to review and suspend any player that receives a technical foul, or that is ejected for a flagrant foul or unsportsmanlike conduct.  

Team rules:

  1. Players must play a minimum of 3 regular season games to be eligible for playoffs.

  2. Only players on the team roster are permitted on the team bench.

  3. Game Forfeitures: Must provide minimum 24 hours notice & will result in automatic loss. A $50.00 penalty will result if provided less than 24 hours notice. Third offence results in removal from the league with NO refund.

  4. All players and fans must ensure their actions and behaviours create and add to the already inclusive environment of SBL.

  5. The use of profanity, including gratuitous swearing, abusive language, and vulgarity, is prohibited at all SBL games, open gyms, and events.

  6. All SBL players and fans are expected to respect all referees, the score table officials, and each other.

Failure to adhere to the abovementioned rules will be dealt with up to and including dismissal from the league for the current and potentially future seasons.